MISOCIAL is your invitation to socialise differently and meet new interesting likeminded “date compatible” singles.

So what’s different:

  • It’s social – so connections happen organically
  • It’s unlike mainstream socialising – you meet people you have greater dating compatibility with
  • It’s private – no one can view your profile (not even fellow MISOCIAL members)
  • It’s personalised – invites become more personalised after your first event (as we’ve met you)

Here’s how it works:

  • Signup now and create a profile (in less than 2 minutes). That’s it! We’ll take it from here.
  • We’ll send you invites to events that suit your profile and match your dating preferences, and we promise they’re all great!
  • You have complete freedom to choose which events you want to attend.
  • Events are curated for the following age groups (21-30), (25-35), (30-39), (35-45), (40-49), (45-55), and (51-60).
  • Each speed dating event costs $25

MISOCIAL is 100% free to join.

Signup now to start socialising the smart way!

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We only host our events in venues that will perfectly enhance the experience of making new friends. Spacious, intimate, ambient and atmospheric, every location chosen to ensure interaction will flow effortlessly, and connections happen without engineering.


Our friendly, experienced team has the knack and enthusiasm for making every event run smoothly and with your needs in mind.

These things come as standard: respect for your privacy, integrity, and a talent for hosting social events where your comfort comes first!

For these immediate benefitsSign Up Now

  • invites to exclusive parties
  • personal profiles so you can state your preferences confidentially and receive invites to events with people we know you’ll want to meet
  • your ticket to new experiences in your local city
  • it won’t cost you the earth, incredible prices on all events in your city’s most inviting venues
  • variety of event types – so you can choose your preferred social setting
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