Singles Events Brisbane

Singles Events Brisbane offers the ultimate in singles events:

Singles Events Brisbane has re-imagined singles events and online dating – to successfully take online dating offline:

Singles Events Brisbane: is shaking up the stale singles events industry with their matched singles events. Unlike mainstream singles events, their matched events are more personalised – as members profiles and dating preferences are matched when creating invites. Matched singles events are by invite only.

To receive your exclusive and personalised invite – sign up now and create a profile.

So what’s different with Singles Events Brisbane?

  • Offers you a matched singles events experience – where invites are sent only to members who match your profile and dating preferences
  • It won’t cost the earth – each event will set you back only $25
  • It’s social – so connections happen organically – absolutely no forms, no pens, no name cards, no apps, no mobile phones required – our format is totally natural and relaxed
  • It’s personalised – invites become even more personalised after your first event (as we’ve met you in person)

How does Singles Events Brisbane work?

  • Sign up now and create a profile in under 3 minutes. That’s it! We’ll take it from here.
  • Then you’ll receive invites to events that suit your profile and dating preferences.
  • You choose which events you want to attend.
  • Events are curated for the following age groups (21-30), (25-35), (30-39), (35-45), (40-49), (45-55) and (51-60)

Singles Events Brisbane is 100% free to join.

Sign up now and start dating in Brisbane the smart way!

Singles Events in Brisbane has partnered with MISOCIAL to bring you the ultimate in matched singles events.

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