Dating sites are giving singles a digital dating hangover

dating sites MISOCIAL, unlike mainstream dating sites – offers you a digital dating detox. MISOCIAL is your invitation to socialise differently and get your offline dating back on track. If you want intoxicating dates, without the online dating hangover, read on …..

Here’s how the detox works:

  • MISOCIAL allows you to sign up in under three (3) minutes and create a profile. Member profiles are private, even from other members.
  • Then MISOCIAL sends you invitations to events – with one key difference. You meet guests that suit your profile and “dating preferences”.
  • That way you meet likeminded and “date compatible” singles right away, increasing your dating opportunities.
  • You don’t spend hours online, pouring over online profiles, exchanging emails and setting up dates.

MISOCIAL does all the hard work – so you don’t have to.

Online dating sites are an unappealing prospect – and the reasoning is justified

Its intrusive – your photo, personal interests, goals, plans and preferred match are exposed to the online world.
Limited privacy – you may not want friends or people you work with to know you’re considering dating – or worse they could find your dating profile and learn personal details about you that you’d prefer to keep private
It’s not organic and natural – interacting online is not the same, as in person. And it’s easy for people to misrepresent themselves online – you won’t know until you meet them
It’s hard work and takes a lot of time: vetting profiles, answering questions, taking matching tests, vetting potential matches and profiles, sending messages, and setting up dates is exhausting. You’re doing the hard and paying a website!

MISOCIAL is an effective alternative to mainstream dating sites:

Unlike mainstream dating sites, MISOCIAL does all the hard work for you. With MISOCIAL you don’t spend hours online, vetting profiles, taking matching tests, and sending emails.

MISOCIAL is a great way to meet new interesting people organically – in relaxed, safe, social settings, in your city’s most finest venues.

MISOCIAL does a variety of event types, – with the added reassurance, you’ll be meeting likeminded and “date compatible” professional singles at each and every event.

Visit MISOCIAL to start dating the smart way!

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